10 of the Worlds Weirdest Records

Celebrating out of the normal behaviour is something us Betify nuts love. Daring and eccentric characters finding innovative ways to break the mold of normality give life all its colour, don’t you think?

So here’s a little tribute to the 10 weirdest world record-holders spicing up the Guiness Book of Records with their outlandish passions.

Do you know any weirder?

10. Fastest Dog on a Scooter

Norman the 3-year old sheep dog has ridden a scooter all by himself 98 feet in 30 seconds. Wait, that’s not a small man in a dog suit is it?

Nice one Norman!


9. Longest Fingernails

An American lady named Lee Redmond grew her fingernails for 27 years to 8.65 meters long – the length of 3 cars.

Despite their length and weight, she managed to get about daily life quite easily, apparently.

Just hope she wasn’t a typist!

8. Greatest Eyeball Pop

Do you remember the scene in Total Recall when Arnie falls down the hill on Mars, his helmet breaks and the vacuum of no air starts to pull his eyeballs out?

Well, apparently some people do that for fun and fame.

Kim Goodman can pop her eyeballs out 1.2 centimeters beyond her eye sockets!

7. Most Spoons Balanced On Face

Magneto is real! Canadian Aaron Caissie won the record for most spoons balanced on his face at 17 spoons.

This boy’s face must be magnetic.

Wait, if Magneto’s real, does that mean Wolverine is too? I’ll start investigating for anyone with most adamantium in bones.

6. Heaviest Train Pulled With Beard

It’s no big feat to pull a 3-ton train with something boring like your hands, is it? I mean, anyone can do that!

So this Spanish chap Ismael Rivas Falcon went one step further and pulled a train weighing just over 3 tons for ten meters using just his beard.

Proving we don’t have to worry any more about diesel running out in the future and our trains not running. We’ve got beard-power!

5. Heaviest Vehicle Pulled By Nipples

Talking of weird pulling records, the USA’s Sage Werbock pulled a whopping 988kg (just over 1 ton) vehicle for 20 meters with just his nipples.

Warning, you might want to just ignore this video – it’s too painful to watch!

4. Most T-Shirts Worn At One Time

How many t-shirts can you put on at once? 10? 15? Try 121!

David Alexander increased his body weight by one third while achieving this world record. Apparently he could barely breath, and just got stuck and unmovable in a giant solid wall of t-shirt.

And he sweated through 37 of them! That’s another record by itself, surely.

3. Most Piercings in a Lifetime

Come on, you knew there was a piercing one coming. So guess how many Brazilian / British restaurant owner Elaine Davidson has had.

I reckon you were a few short like my guess. It’s 4,225 times!

Now she has 192 in her face alone. And she works on making her appearance even more exotic with tattoos and colourful makeup.

Just keep her away from spoon-face magnet boy!

2. Furthest Distance Squirting Milk From Eye

If this guy serves you coffee in a café, I’d recommend not having any milk.

Turkey’s Ilker Yilmaz squirted milk from his eye 2.79 meters. After snorting it up his nose (of course).

I’m not sure if this record is weirder than: Milk Squirting From Eye – Fastest Time to Extinguish Five Candles. China’s Ru Anting put out 5 candles in 17 seconds. That’s some seriously weird, precision squirting!

1. Loudest Purr By a Domestic Cat

We started with a dog one, so here’s one for you cat-lovers.

Smokey the cat, reached a massive 67.7 dB in purring volume, when petted and fed ham. 67.7dB is as loud as a lawnmower! Apparently she does it all day long.

Just have a listen (earplugs required):

Found stranger world records than these?
Share them and let’s see!

Got Any Hobbies as Bizarre as These?

We love the outlandish and extreme.

Who doesn’t like to just be odd, and poke fun at the world every now and then? And why not do it with your hobbies – like this random, kooky bunch of eccentric people

What hobbies bring the bizarre into your life, and get funny looks from the neighbors? Come on, you can share with us… (we won’t tell anyone).

To get your ideas flowing, here are five truly bizarre and surprisingly popular hobbies:

5. Extreme Dog Grooming

Dog grooming? Boring! Try extreme dog grooming.

This is the hobby for people who always wanted to own a mini-tiger, or a buffalo, perhaps an elephant, a peacock or a four-legged alien punk rocker. But you’ve only got a dog and those exotic animals are so expensive and illegal to get hold of.

So a big sub-culture of dog owners has come up with the solution to this problem – ‘extreme dog grooming’.

Check out these hilarious examples. My favorite’s the Ninja Turtle dog, although I would’ve gone with Michelangelo myself:

4. Guerrilla Gardening

Picture your typical gardener. I’m guessing you’re seeing a quiet, elderly, law-abiding man, pottering around among his shrubs.

But those crazy gardeners aren’t as meek and well-behaved as they seem. When night falls, they could garden anywhere. There’s no stopping them!

Guerilla gardening is a growing trend for sneaking onto property that’s not yours and gardening away.

Weeding, grooming, planting flowers. Public land or someone else’s garden, they just don’t care. If your garden’s a mess, watch out – you might just wake up one morning and it’s all pretty and weeded!

3. News Raiding

Hahaha, this one’s hilarious!

Definitely one of the hardest hobbies to follow, apart from maybe something like snow leopard-riding. News Raiding is simply appearing in the background of as many live news reports as you can.

Only one man is the master – Paul Yarrow – appearing in over 100 news reports and becoming news himself. God knows how he does it. Take a look at Paul ‘The Newsraider’ in action:

2. Yarn Bombing

Giving knitting a slightly cooler image (slightly), you might have seen the results of this pleasing-to-the-eye if not bizarre hobby around your town.

Yarn bombing makes urban areas look like they’ve been terrorized by a group of old age pensioner graffiti artists.

It’s not generally treated as harshly as graffiti, being only temporary and removable whenever someone feels like it, and because it’s just, well… knitting. Surely that can’t ever be illegal, can it?

Here’s an example of a girl yarn bombing a train:

1. Extreme Ironing

This bizarre hobby hits number one because it’s swept the world and become a large and popular sport – despite being damn weird!

Basically, the sport name says it all. You break out your ironing board and iron away in the strangest places you can think of. The middle of a freeway, while abseiling down a waterfall, while surfing, on a mountaintop while the ironing board is on fire.

Who said ironing was boring!?

We especially love this one because of the competitive challenge element. Check out what these badass ironers are doing to try and win:

Do you know any really bizarre, weird and outlandish hobbies? Do you do any? Don’t be shit, let us know!

3 Reasons to Man Up And Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“If you’re going through hell, keep going,” Winston Churchill

I know you’re different.

Readers of this blog stand out from the crowd.

You’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to occasionally (or often) push yourself hard – because you know there’s a better you waiting just on the other side of a challenge and a bit of pain.

Comfort Zone Pic 1

So why do we love challenges so much? And why is it so important to do things that push us out of our comfort zone?

We all need to grow in life.

No matter how awesome you are today, there’s always a better you to become. A you who can handle everything you’re doing today that much easier and more effortlessly.

And who can take on crap you can’t even imagine today.

Why We Need to Keep Growing

Once, a mentor taught me three lessons that changed my perception and my life.

“Imagine you’re a 2 now. Two out of 10,” he said. “And ten is the potential person you can become in the future…”

Well, now you can handle problems that are level 1 easily. Little problems. Like anyone.

And you can just about handle level 2 problems, and maybe sometimes level 3 problems. But 4,5,6 and up just seem way out of your league and are scary as hell.

But when you push yourself over time and grow to a 5 out of 10, which can only happen through moving out of your comfort zone, then suddenly those level-3 challenges… Ha! They’re nothing to you. Comfort Zone Pic 2You solve them in your sleep. Now, level 5 problems are doable, and even 6.

When you’ve reached level 8 or 9, problems are your playthings and the world is your playground.

That’s why we must always keep pushing and growing.

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Shrinking

Picture a circle, drawn on a piece of paper, with a dot in the middle.
That circle is your comfort zone. You can easily handle problems within that circle. But every now and then a problem or challenge comes at you from outside your circle.

This could be a new experience, something you’ve always been afraid of doing, or just a really tough Betify challenge.

Now, this is an awesome opportunity for you, because if you swallow your fear and take on that new problem, then you push and expand your circle. Just by a bit.

So afterwards, even if you didn’t handle it well, your circle is bigger and your comfort zone is bigger. And the number and size of problems you can handle are bigger.

You are bigger.

And you’re ready for the next outside problem.

But, if like most people, you turn away from this new unfamiliar problem or challenge – then your circle shrinks just a tiny bit. And if you always turn away your circle gets smaller and smaller, until you can only handle very few things in life.

If you’re not growing you’re shrinking. Which way do you want to go?

Don’t Always Trust Your Own Mind and Feelings

Your mind – the deep primitive part of your mind – has only one job to do.

And that is to keep you safe. To protect you.

But it does not always know what’s a real threat to you, like walking in front of a speeding car, and what is simply a new experience, a challenge and an opportunity to grow.

So here’s the thing that takes most people out.

When they’re faced by a new challenge or experience, a part of their mind immediately gets scared of the new situation – it wants to keep everything the same, where it knows you’re safe.

101 Excellent Excuses

So the little voice in your brain makes you feel fear, and gives you 101 excellent reasons why you shouldn’t do that new thing right now.

If you can tell that little voice to shut up, and throw yourself into the challenge with gusto – then you will grow and become stronger, even if you fail. And after time that little voice will indeed shut its mouth and leave you alone.

So keep growing my friend. Remember if you don’t, you’ll shrink instead. And watch out for that tricky little voice. You show it who’s boss!

A Lesson From Conan

I just watched the first part of Conan the Barbarian, where the opening credits show a famous quote perfect for this conversation. You’ve heard it a thousand times before but I have to repeat it because it’s so damn true:

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger,” Friedrich Nietzsche

So when was the last time you pushed out of your comfort zone?
And how did you do it?

Share, and maybe you’ll help give someone else the balls to make a similar leap of courage!

Photo Credit: Gonzo fan2007 via Compfight cc

5 Extreme Challenges That Will Make You Tremble in Your Boots

Wo, wo, woah! If you thought running a marathon or an Ironman Triathlon was tough, you’re in for a shock.

Check out these five obscenely, inhumanly, insanely extreme challenges that small groups of seriously determined, ballsy and slightly crazy people around the world are pushing themselves through.

If you blanch at the thought of running 26 miles, just turn back now. A marathon is a little warm up for these bad boys:

5. The Marathon Des Sables

Known as the world’s toughest foot race, this challenge has a deceptive name. It’s actually the distance of six regular marathons packed into one. 150 miles, with two extra elements of hardship added
The Des Sables crosses the Sahara desert in Morocco – so running over rocky hills and towering sand dunes in the baking Saharan heat of up to 50oC. And the runners have to carry their entire kit on their backs the whole time! That is hardcore.

4. The Everest Challenge

Imagine cycling up hill. It’s tiring, isnt it? You’re just waiting for that leveling out and downhill bit so you can cruise for a while and rest your weary legs.

Now, imagine cycling uphill, up gradients of to 10 to 20%, where the downhill bit never ever comes. And imagine doing that nonstop in a race, mile after mile… for 206 miles!

Welcome to the Everest Challenge. Can’t you feel your thighs burning just thinking about it?

3. The Barkley Marathon

Back on foot, over 1,000 people have entered this insane challenge in the US, aiming to hit the 60-hour target. But only 14 have ever achieved it.

This brutal 16,500 metre uphill climb following a vague track, half-destroyed and covered by thick thorn shrubbery, fallen trees and rivers – during torrential rain – making the mud slippery and treacherous, is one of the hardest challenges in the world.

Oh, and the climb is just part of a 100-mile race, to warm up.

But even this is not quite as extreme as:

2. The Tough Guy

Entrants to this challenge have to sign a ‘death warrant’ before starting because there are so many injuries ranging from cuts and burns to dehydration and electric shocks.

The Tough Guy, built by Billy Wilson in the UK, is a large obstacle course containing elements of SAS and gladiator training, and being in the Vietnam War.

In the freezing winter you have to wade through deep swamp, run over fire pits, crawl under barbed wire through the haze of smoke bombs and flares, work through flooded torture chambers, shimmy up giant, wet poles with no handholds, and plenty of other even worse obstacles.

For seven non-stop, grueling miles!

Want to know if you’re a tough guy? This challenge will show you once and for all:

1. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

But beating even The Tough Guy in extremeness is the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Simply because no matter how back-breakingly hardcore it is, the Tough Guy is over in a day or two.

The Talisker challenge takes three months of your life – rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, and back. The entrants do this insane extreme challenge in teams of four, or two.

But the most hardcore are the solo-rowers.

Hats off to the guy in this video. Anyone who can row over one tenth the circumference of the world alone, sea sick and sun-burnt the entire journey, has some serious guts and grit:

Do you know any challenges as extreme as these?
What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever taken part in?

The 5 Top Changes To Your Startup After Seed Investment

Startup life is pretty hectic, but it gets slightly better after raising the first seed round. Obviously there is money in the bank now, but what are the first changes you can address or notice immediately?

In this first post, I wanted to share the 5 top changes we witnessed at Betify after we got investment, and I am pretty sure they also apply to you.

It’s not quite like that, yet:


1)    You can build your dream team

Pre investment, you were damning all these developers, marketers, bloggers and other industry gurus who you are desperate to bring onboard. And they all loved the idea (they say that) but outrageously, only work for money! Well you can now afford to bring these like-minded people onboard and focus on your role. Building a team should be one of your biggest satisfaction and pretty difficult to achieve without cash.

2)    You are liable for results

As a CEO, it is very unlikely that you had to report or justify your actions to anyone, before investment. If your development is running 2 months late, nobody was going to give you a call, and that was actually pretty sad. Now money is in the bank, there are official meetings to report and control budget. But not only the investors will chase you up; other parties involved as well, as soon as there is money involved. And that should make you feel great. At least now someone cares!

3)    You have a salary

This one is pretty straightforward. Unless you were still part time (which is unlikely to be able to convince investors as a CEO), investment will allow you to live and work in a better environment, as well as some financial freedom. It will however be the first column of the financial model to get squeezed if you start to run over budget!

4)    You look like you’ve made it (but you haven’t)

The few months before investment, getting these Head of Terms signed is all you could think about, so when the money is in the bank, it feels like an achievement. And it is, hence why for most people outside this industry, such as friends and family, you like you’ve made it like Jan Koum. It’s probably the most important milestone your startup had until now, so it feels good to be gratified, but as I read somewhere, “greeting a CEO raising money is like greeting a chef for buying ingredients… you still don’t know how the food will taste like”.

5)    You have no excuse not to succeed

With a proven concept (otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten the money) and investment, nothing should be stopping you.  Before that it was easy to blame the lack of money for the things you couldn’t do. Sure you might need a second round, but the first one should take you there. Investment adds a bit of pressure on your shoulders but on the opposite side, seeing that other people are ready to invest in your idea should also make you feel more confident about what the future holds!

What was the major change in your startup after getting investment?

Welcome to our new blog

As we go into the second phase of development to deliver an awesome and truly unique product, we are also very proud to launch our new blog. Content will start appearing within these pages so stay tuned!

If you thing you would be the right fit to be a guest blogger leave us a comment below!